Internal Plastering

Internal plastering refers to a variety of techniques used by contractors that prepare walls and ceilings to a state of professionally smooth and flat finishes.

Starting from bare brickwork where the plaster has lost adhesion to the brick surface and blown creating cracks, flaking or bubbles on the surface, and in preparation for renovation and repair, walls may need to be dry lined with plasterboard or plasterboard fixed to studwork ready for plastering, skimming and painting or tiling.

From more challenging areas such as internal corners and edges, plaster arches, straight windows and round windows, to discreet patch repairs for small areas, to entire walls and ceilings, internal plastering and skimming is essential preparation for painting, repainting or decorating internal walls.

Some of our work

Internal Skimming

Internal skimming is the application of a thin coating of plaster over existing plaster. It is a specific, skilled technique that is used to create a smooth finish on internal walls to make them ready for painting or wallpapering.


Plasterboarding is a the process of creating interior walls, ceilings or partitions using plasterboard panels which are attached to a frame, or to line existing walls. It is a drywall construction which can then be plastered ready for painting.


Insulation is an essential component of a building. As different insulation materials are suitable for different applications, as expert professional contractors we ensure that you get the right insulation installed in the right place.

Dot and dab

Dot and dab is the process by which plasterboard is attached to an existing interior wall rather than a timber stud frame. A form of dry lining, dot and dab walls can be skimmed ready for decoration as soon as the adhesive has hardened and set.


Floating is the backing coat used to make a wall straight and ready for the application of a smooth finish or skimming. A cement base render can be used for floating on a medium or high suction background and a special floating tool levels and smooths the coating as it is applied to the surface.

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