External Rendering

External rendering is a specialised process by which a protective coating is applied to the external walls of a building to protect the brick or stonework from weather damage, to improve aesthetics – or both.

All render, usually a combination of sand, cement and sometimes lime, has the same basic mixture and can be adapted to include a wide range of textures, finishes, and colours making it suitable for properties ranging from new builds to older, period, or even listed buildings.

Professional rendering from a trusted contractor ensures that you get expert advice on the most suitable application for your property and how it fits with your vision so you can be confident you’ve made the right choice.

Some of our work

Monocouche Render Systems

Monocouche is an easily applied long lasting rendering system with high performance in all weather conditions. It is available in a wide range of colours and various textures allowing you freedom of design for your home.

Traditional Render

Traditional render involves the application of a sand and cement mixture to walls creating a smooth finish surface for block or brickwork. It has both fire-rating and waterproof qualities and holds long-term aesthetic appeal.

Breathable OCR and Lime Spray Render

Breathable OCR is a versatile, single coat base surface suitable for concrete, blockwork and brickwork. Water repellent and durable, it is ideal for weather exposed areas while still allowing structures to breathe.

Lime spray render, a traditional, natural application with a lower environmental impact is breathable, flexible, and visually appealing making it highly suitable for older or period properties.

Thin Coat Silcone Spray Coatings

A very robust and attractive system, thin coat silicone spray coating is water resistant, easy to maintain, and easy to repair if damaged.

Thanks to their cost and durability, thin coat silicone spray coatings are one of our most popular render systems. They are available in a wide range of colours which enables you to fulfil your creative flair with your own bespoke designs.

Monocouche Sponge Floated

Monocouche Smooth

Monocouche Floated

Monocouche Scratched

Thin Coat Silicone Spray